Renato Moves North

Amidst rumors of a Sicilian wine industry shakeup, Renato de Bartoli confirms his departure from his family winery, Marco de Bartoli, to assume the role as CEO of the Marzotto family company Baglio di Pianetto. De Bartoli will replace long standing head of the company, Alberto Buratto.

Featured in an article at GiornaleVinoCibo, De Bartoli commented on the departure and the road ahead.

“My family business has been set very well, my brothers will go forward with the company[Marco De Bartoli]. The company is built by so many people that if one takes a step back, the company will still be able to continue well. I will lose the daily operations, but the company has solid legs … I am encouraged by this new phase of maturity of Baglio di Pianetto. And for me it is a source of professional development.”

via GiornaleVinoCibo

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