Practical Advice For Cheese Pairing

cheese pairing

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[ This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, for Eligible Magazine. To read the original story, click here.]

I have touched on the topic of what wines to pair with food but cheese is the one true challenge for any wine devotee. Not only is cheese a wonderful partner for wine but other beverages including beer, sake, and water also have the potential to wow the palate and impress your loved ones.

Most cheese merchants will have a good understanding of the styles of cheese that are suggested below. However, if your cheese monger isn’t available when you stop in to pick something up you can follow a few simple rules for selecting a cheese or two.

One thing to note right out of the gate is that you don’t want to go overboard with a cheese pairing. Cheese can have powerful flavors and you can very easily wipe out your palate with too many selections.

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(What) To Drink Or Not To Drink After A Breakup, That’s A Good Question

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No one likes the idea of a breakup. It doesn’t matter which side of the split you’re on, a rift between (would-be) lovers conjures so many feelings of discomfort that it’s difficult to even write about it. There is a lot of truth in the old adage that Time heals most wounds, but the question I wanted to raise is … What drinks do we turn to in the interim?

As much as I champion the idea of moderation and responsible alcohol consumption I understand that our emotions can get the best of us. How do we turn the tendency to look to alcohol for comfort into a situation where the alcohol becomes an asset rather than a crutch?

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Understanding Sulfites In Wine


One of the most debated topics of wine is that of Sulfites: What are they? Where do they come from? Are they dangerous? One might ask the same questions of Love: What is it? Where does it come from? Is it dangerous?

The answers are as variable as they are helpful. Love and sulfites are natural. They come from our physical world. As to the danger of either, all good things in life have the capacity to cause pain or enhance pleasure. The key to the latter is at least partially found in the understanding of how each of us interacts with the elements.

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Entice Your Palate With These Intriguing Wines

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Buying wine off the shelf is a lot like going to the club to find a mate. If you’re unfamiliar with the landscape, making a smart choice can be difficult. The environment is loud and chaotic, there’s too much chatter, and more times than not you have to guess. The good thing is that buying an intriguing wine doesn’t have to be a risk.

Sure, we could bet our money on France or California or Australia, but too often the wines we find leave very little margin for discovery. They are what we exactly what we expect. The first or second glass might be enjoyable, but would you spend the rest of your days drinking a cellar of the stuff?

Why don’t we take a look outside of the crowd, toward the more mysterious and (maybe a few) dangerous corners of the world?

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Fall In Love … With Rosé

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When the weather is hot and the sun is shining all I want to do is go outside with my baby and drink a little rosé.

There is no finer pairing with sunlight than a chilled pink wine. Maybe the bright fruit flavors mimic the tension and intensity of the light, or the cool temperature of the wine resembles the chill of romantic anticipation. Whatever causes us to reach for the pink wines during the summer season it is a phenomenon that sweeps the world each year.

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Should You Trust Wine Scores?


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There’s no way around it. We all use some kind of scoring system for qualifying our pleasures. Whether it’s a new romantic prospect, a restaurant, or a wine, the idea that the essence of a whole can be summed up in stars or points has been wound into our appreciation of pleasure. Scoring things is in our nature. But it can be a good or bad thing.

Wine is one of the most objectified gastronomic indulgences to succumb to the scoring system. Wine critics, journalists, and judges happily rate the color, aromas, flavors, and overall quality of a wine after a single tasting. Not only does it give the wine a “pre-screened” value, it gives the taster a bit of clout as well. The more wine a critic tastes, and writes about, the more they are trusted.

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[This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, AmericanWineWriter, and published by Eligible Magazine. Follow this link to read the full article.]

It’s Okay To Judge A Wine By Its Label

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some wine labels have a brand name or a grape variety on the label, while others have the name of a wine region? Does this make it difficult to decide what wine to buy? We don’t want to be wrong, after all. We want to know that the wine is a wine of quality and we want to be rewarded when we pop the cork and pour a glass.

If you are new to wine, don’t worry about making the occasional purchasing mistake. We’ve all made them. The trick is learning what the label is trying to tell us about the wine inside the bottle.

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[This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, AmericanWineWriter, and published by Eligible Magazine. Follow this link to read the full article.]