Short Poem No.35

It really wasn’t that big of a deal … the reflective foil was crimped underthe Polynesian glass we ordered and itscratched, so she sent it back. “The ocean can be as deep as sleep sometimes.”We dropped through the atmosphere. He couldn’t understand how she was still flying.The chair (sort of) cuts off the circulation in … Continue reading Short Poem No.35

Short Poem No.34

This one’s for Ken, because Ken’s a hell of a guy,Let ‘em have it Vito.            The piano starts and the lights go dim,            there are palm trees in the white sand,            the stars spin them like a top. Dancing.Dan always said stupid shit that always ended with“When I get … Continue reading Short Poem No.34

Short Poem No.31

The sermon was about bringing Jesus into your boat –that is, not being afraid –you do have a boat don’t you?Her legs were as soft as steel in the desert, Euphrates, you have seen a tiger haven’t you?Sexy, I’m sexy as hell.