Short Poem No.15

A long one … Her eyelashes but because of the weakness the windlass was blowing that dazzle it could have been her hairdresser a skirt white catalyst crossed our patience in the preservation of strong wonders the hearth of the silly manageress becomes fairy ! this is no laughing maul, the starlings are out, the nightgown … Continue reading Short Poem No.15

Short Poem No.10

(for my participations) The north-east you made luxury was a patent in balcony hemisphereThe opinion of the old timers had just been releaseda destiny no opinion of us could imagine I ran from opinion of you to the output …it was simply a toast to do something different I’ve been this weekend all my likelihood

Short Poem No.12

Feeling like a kickback holograph, she looks through the peewit holograph. They are her laggard perch. Her lazy shelf roof entry Three firebrands poised on payoff the telegraph is not grounded. It gives off a static, loss homeland he feeds into briefly. And the eyries awaken. Groceries, ribbed, for my pleasure