Short Poem No.31

The sermon was about bringing Jesus into your boat –that is, not being afraid –you do have a boat don’t you?Her legs were as soft as steel in the desert, Euphrates, you have seen a tiger haven’t you?Sexy, I’m sexy as hell.

Short Poem No.30

In dreams he wakes to find her sleepingand touches the scar on her hip – a bone he once memorized for a test.In dreams, she sits up straight and wraps the swaddlingclothes around a gray and white-spotted puppy. Says, Go ahead. You’ve got better things to do.Holiday pictures on the mantle in the livingroom

Short Poem No.29

The bearded men look up from their ale like leprechauns from a pot of gold, astale fish somewhere in the back roomA Taiwanese tourist takes a picture of Departure Bayand the boats and local residents hoisting long poles from the floating dock.Ham hock or hot dog, Dept. of Revenue 4718.