How To See Wine Like A Pro

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

Without a doubt the question I get the most in my wine classes is “How can I learn to taste wine like a pro?” The short answer to this question is practice. The long answer is that there is no short cut to being the best. Practice is the key to success in everything.

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[This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, AmericanWineWriter, and published by Eligible Magazine. Follow this link to read the full article.]


4 thoughts on “How To See Wine Like A Pro

    • The trick is remembering what you taste, Emma … If you can keep a log of your favorite wines, and what you like about them, it can help you get better faster … you’ll start to see similarities and discrepancies in regions and grape varieties, and the deeper you go into each wine the better you’ll get … the best part is you’re tasting wine 😉

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