Wine Grape Leaves – A Study

I like playing the devil’s advocate.

For the sake of discussion, let’s take a look at the image above. Aside from the spelling errors, what do you notice about these wine grape leaves?

Are there any similarities between botanical design and the flavors that ‘define’ the grape wines made from that variety?

How about when you look at the depth of the sinuses (the pockets between leaf points) – do you notice any correlation to fruit precursors or the potential intensity of anthocyanins in the wines?

Are there any conclusions that we can make from what we see versus what we (might) taste?

2 thoughts on “Wine Grape Leaves – A Study

  1. I think this is quite a unique post. If I drank more wine, I would participate in your analysis of leaf design and taste.

    • … Well, getting out of school and going into ‘the real world’ should prove enough opportunity to discover wine as a way to socialise and relax. If you find yourself in a position where studying wine becomes an interest there are plenty of ways to start on the “LEARN ABOUT WINE” page of the website, to get a better feel for the subject. It’s about as big and interesting as things get, but then it is all about pleasure in the end 🙂

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