Entice Your Palate With These Intriguing Wines

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

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Buying wine off the shelf is a lot like going to the club to find a mate. If you’re unfamiliar with the landscape, making a smart choice can be difficult. The environment is loud and chaotic, there’s too much chatter, and more times than not you have to guess. The good thing is that buying an intriguing wine doesn’t have to be a risk.

Sure, we could bet our money on France or California or Australia, but too often the wines we find leave very little margin for discovery. They are what we exactly what we expect. The first or second glass might be enjoyable, but would you spend the rest of your days drinking a cellar of the stuff?

Why don’t we take a look outside of the crowd, toward the more mysterious and (maybe a few) dangerous corners of the world?

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