It’s Okay To Judge A Wine By Its Label

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

Photo courtesy of Eligible Magazine

Have you ever found yourself wondering why some wine labels have a brand name or a grape variety on the label, while others have the name of a wine region? Does this make it difficult to decide what wine to buy? We don’t want to be wrong, after all. We want to know that the wine is a wine of quality and we want to be rewarded when we pop the cork and pour a glass.

If you are new to wine, don’t worry about making the occasional purchasing mistake. We’ve all made them. The trick is learning what the label is trying to tell us about the wine inside the bottle.

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[This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, AmericanWineWriter, and published by Eligible Magazine. Follow this link to read the full article.]

3 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Judge A Wine By Its Label

  1. Reblogged this on CatWinePix and commented:
    A very informative article on Wine Labels.
    When exprimenting with Wine, sometimes the Labels get it right for us, sometimes they don’t.
    So read carefully (and not only the labels)

    • Good point … Part of the fun of discovering wine is also getting it wrong sometimes … Like getting lost, sometimes that’s the best strategy for learning the way … Thank you for sharing!

      • You are welcome and you are right!

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