Should You Trust Wine Scores?


Photo Courtesy of Eligible Magazine

There’s no way around it. We all use some kind of scoring system for qualifying our pleasures. Whether it’s a new romantic prospect, a restaurant, or a wine, the idea that the essence of a whole can be summed up in stars or points has been wound into our appreciation of pleasure. Scoring things is in our nature. But it can be a good or bad thing.

Wine is one of the most objectified gastronomic indulgences to succumb to the scoring system. Wine critics, journalists, and judges happily rate the color, aromas, flavors, and overall quality of a wine after a single tasting. Not only does it give the wine a “pre-screened” value, it gives the taster a bit of clout as well. The more wine a critic tastes, and writes about, the more they are trusted.

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[This article was written by Benjamin Spencer, AmericanWineWriter, and published by Eligible Magazine. Follow this link to read the full article.]

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